Service name’s Enterprise Edition provides the clarity, control and visibility that are required to empower the most advanced display digital networks. Enlist your audience at scale and ensures the audience that their network is in safe hands.

Supremacy at Any Scale:


You can organize one or many number of displays with same content.
Once can customize the color themes accordingly.
Enable Apps for displays.
Upload your desired videos and images.


With an account you can organize multiple display groups, each with different content and also you can access from anywhere. You are also provided with an option of tagging and with that you send the content to various display groups with a single stretch.


For resellers, organize the users and content across the various accounts. One can use proof of play and other sophisticated monitoring in order to organize the large display networks.

Dashboard for your Networks:

For network administrators, our network administrators have designed the dashboard. You can send the commands instantly to remote reboot devices, export the data, take screenshots and also you can perform many more operations.

Real-Time Statuses:

One can search the real time statuses on their each and every device. You can also see the entire display’s history that includes OS-level status metrics as well as details of the application. For any display in your network you are provided with the various options like log files, download, capture screenshots and many more exiting options.

Automatic Updates:

On weekly basis we do provide the updates to our management tools and display software. You will be never charged for the updates because we wish to serve you the best and the most sophisticated digital display network technology.

Cloud Storage:

We believe in great efforts of the team behind best digital display. The customer need not bother about increasing team size while the new member is added. It is easy to add new member and organize the content. With our enterprise, you will never be bothered about the quantity of content you own or need not worry where it has been saved. We provide the best services so that you can happily engage with your audience.


Wish to integrate your digital display with your mobile app or any other internal systems? You can design a private app for your network by using the Service name Enterprise.

Access Controls:

Based on the role of the team, you will be given control on who can view and also organize each and every digital display. One can also select from Network Administrator or chain manager, location manager.


Your organization’s data will be secure with SSL encryption and the best server infrastructure. The data will monitor and safeguarded round the clock and there are also many features included

Enterprise Support

We provide communication between you and industry’s expert managers. They will be in touch regularly and there will be reviews at regular intervals, so that you can ensure that your display network is running properly. You can also reach the support team by using your desired mails.

Q & A:

Selecting the right platform for your display network is not that simple. No worries, we are here to change that opinion. If you have any queries about implementation, capabilities, integrations or anything else more. Just tell us your query, our expert team is ready to resolve them and stand behind you round the clock.