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Advertising agency in Hyderabad or Bangalore? How to pick right for your business

If you Google about the most effective or cheap ways to advertise your company, you would get a bunch of results from agencies and advertising gurus as to what works and what doesn't. However, advertising for your company is extremely subjective and what works for company XYZ, may not work for you. This is because every company's ideology, product/service line, intentions, geographical location and goals are completely different - that demands a focussed line of thought that aligns with your goals. In most cases, you'd have to choose an agency within your vicinity. So, if you're a business based in Hyderabad, ideally, pick an advertising agency in Hyderabad. We have put down a little insider info about what no one tells you about hiring an advertising agency.

1. Repetition is Key

There's a reason why your parents made you repeat math multiplication tables so many times as a child. Repetition equals retention. Advertisements work in the same way. You wouldn't care for a product's advertisement if you saw it just once - especially if its not memorable. But, if you saw the same ad repeating wherever you go - possibly on your social media, emails and at physical locations, there are possibilities of you actually noticing what the noise is about. That's the key of repetition - it makes your customers stand up and take notice, because lets be honest, nobody turns on a TV or a podcast to listen to advertisements. When you're in the market to hire, say, in a city like Hyderabad, choose an advertising agency in Hyderabad that knows the locations within Hyderabad in which the ads need to be repeated in order to achieve maximum results.

2. Pricing is variable

We get it, you're not an advertiser, you're someone who's looking in the market to advertise. Even if you're someone who has absolutely no information on how to get started, you could go online and get ideas from thought leaders on LinkedIn and other informative websites. Further, we suggest you sit down and meet with a couple of agencies before you start advertising. This is because, if you own a product/service that spans across locations or have a product line with different price ranges, an advertising agency would charge you accordingly. For example, an advertising agency in Hyderabad would charge you differently from, say an advertising agency in Bangalore. That's mainly because the logistics, prices of products and services vary according to geographical location and economy of the said locations. This is going to impact your advertisements as well.

3. Experience matters

This is one of the most basic lessons - pick an advertising agency that is operational in all the locations you wish to advertise at. This is especially important for hyperlocal advertising and physical locations. An advertising agency's strength lies in strategic locations, based on your target audience's proximity. Which means, an agency needs to know through and through as to which locations work best for what kind of advertisements. This can only happen when your agency is based in or has very strong presence in the city/town you wish to advertise in. If you think your product will be lapped up by customers in more urban areas, hire an advertising agency in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and other cosmopolitan cities.

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