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How to make a superb advertising campaign?

Do you believe your big, revolutionary idea is going to change the world? Are you confident that the product you've made is set to make big bucks? All you need now is an advertising campaign that's just as good as your product, or even better. The most successful products in the world have been the ones who were advertised well - whether it was through paid or word-of-mouth advertising. If you're introducing a new product/service into the market or are a new company yourself, paid advertising is what works best before the product 'advertises itself' - meaning it has gotten enough people who've tried it and can recommend it to other people. Every product needs that initial push - and it needs to be done in the best possible way. So how do you make an awesome advertising campaign? Here are a few basics you should know:

1. Get experts on-board

The basic step you need to take before you can start advertising your business is to figure out how your messaging is going to be. Your messaging is going to be the most crucial step in presenting your product to people who are not aware of its advantages yet. What we observe as an advertising agency often, is that our clients know about their products and their organisation really well. However, it doesn't translate into an amazing and effective ad campaign always. For this to happen, you need to get advertising experts on board, who know not just what your product can do, but how you can pitch it to your ideal audience in a way that attracts them.

2. Know your niche audience

You may have a universal product that can be used by people of all demographics or ages, but focusing your campaign on a niche audience helps more with the sales, than advertising to anybody and everybody. Sit down with your team and figure out who among your target demographic could really benefit from your product - for example - everybody loves hot chocolate, and it could be loved by the young and old, men and women alike - but focus on who among these people would enjoy it the most. Naturally, children love chocolate and would gravitate more towards it more than others. Figuring out your niche audience removes all confusion so you can make an ad campaign that suits best to your target audience.

3. Highlight your edge

This is the classic blue ocean-red ocean example. The lesson is that when you set up a company or develop a product, you should focus on being the only or first company that does what you do, so customers can come to your company first before they can go anywhere else. This means you're in a "blue ocean" as opposed to a "red ocean" filled with fellow ‘sharks’ and competitors who are out to get the same customers as you. If you find yourself with more competitors in your industry, you need to highlight what edge or advantage you have above others so your customers prefer you over your competitors. This could be the deal-breaker in your ad campaign.

4. Advertise in the right places

Looking to attract a young, happening crowd to your store/outlet? Find out where the urban, hip youngsters hang out and choose to advertise there - the visibility would be greater and there are more chances you'd get more customers on board. Likewise, based on where your target demographic stays the most, choose to advertise in those spaces. In this regard, hyperlocal advertising works best for you. You'd only have to pick out an agency who advertises on your behalf at various locations and you're sorted!

5. Test your ads

Sometimes, though your ads are meant for a specific demographic, you may be missing out on others and making the ad uni-dimensional. In order for you to avoid this, you can test your ads out to specific target groups from various demographics and age groups so that you get feedback about anything you were missing out on, or anything you can add to the advertisement to make it more holistic. Getting as many different perspectives as you can about your advertisement would help you reach out to wider audiences, thereby increasing sales.

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