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Top 4 advertising tricks that work for your business

With world economies growing, and purchasing power of the average individual increasing by the day, it has become easier than ever before to have an idea and make a successful business out of it. So, once you come up with an idea that's disruptive, all that's left for you to do is to get patrons to buy what you have to offer. This is where it gets tricky - a great advertisement can do wonders for your brand and product, a poor advertising strategy won't take your product very far, irrespective of how amazing it is. We've scouted for the best advertising trends that work especially well if your business depends on gathering eyeballs, here are the top 5:

1. Build a killer website

This has been said enough times, and stands true nevertheless. Your website is the first thing a person looks at, when they want to learn more about your company. The way it looks, feels and is designed makes a ton of difference in the way your brand is perceived. There are many examples of how great website design alone has taken the sales of a business to the next level. Simply put, good website translates to more traffic, translating to more sales.

2. Amp up your social media game

Companies are constantly being observed by people for every move they make - a superb social media strategy works not just to retain your existing customers, but gather new ones as well. Netflix - the leading streaming service has a social media following of millions amongst all their social media handles, where they share funny content that their viewers can relate to - like a friend, rather than a company. This strategy works extremely well with engaging new audiences, as it's a way of putting out your company's personality out there.

3. Engage with your community

Having a new store launch? Get your neighbourhood involved - often times, the power of connecting one on one with people is overlooked. You could invite a couple of local residents for an insider's look into your new store, organise a fun session or take them through the products. Why does this work? Because there's no advertising like word-of-mouth advertising. IKEA's strategy to invite local Hyderabadis months before their store launch in India worked extremely well for the furniture giant - and, they had a footfall of a whopping 40,000 people on the first day of their launch!

4. Get Busy, Get Local

There is no other advertising technique that works as well as local advertising. For ages, flyers, hoardings and posters in the neighbourhood was the only way people could advertise their services. Now, as we move towards paperless transactions increasingly, advertising too, is transitioning into hyperlocal digital spaces. Imagine this : you need a tailor but you don't know where to find one. You walk into your local grocery store and find an ad about a local boutique 5 minutes away! In normal circumstances, you wouldn't know about the existence of the tailor's shop, unless you knew someone who knew of it. With hyperlocal advertising, you get to display your messaging and your brand to a variety of customers even and especially in public spaces where you would be attracting views by the minute! It's cost effective, has great returns, and helps build a loyal customer base.

Based on what your business goals are, you can employ all, or a combination of these techniques so you are well on your way to attract customers and make profits. For more information on hyperlocal advertising, and how you can maximise your returns using our services, visit our website