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5 low-cost ways you can advertise to save big bucks!

Advertising may seem like a daunting task when you don't have the same kind of budgets for advertising as the product development. This is especially true of B-to-C companies who rely on customers for increasing their sales. In such cases, advertising becomes a crucial cog in the wheel to get profits. Gone are the days when one would have to spend big money just to get a small ad space in a big newspaper. Now, apart from the presence of traditional media like newspapers, magazines, TV or radio, you have the advantage of the internet where you get to advertise practically for free! If you're still trying to figure out a few tricks on how you can advertise to get maximum results for your company, read on!

1. Amp up your social media presence

Any advertising agency will tell you that none of the existing social media websites charge you for creating an account on their platforms. Use that to your advantage and start creating posts that are relevant to your industry. In most cases, this wouldn't take a lot of investment and you can place this responsibility on an intern to create fun, attractive posts for your platforms. Adding relevant hashtags and tagging the right accounts can help increase your visibility. Additionally, you could try collaborating with upcoming social media influencers for a shout out/mini review in exchange for your products/services. This helps leverage their audience's trust on them, and give you a better chance at increasing sales for very less money. One-time Instagram or Facebook ads even start at as little as one dollar - so you can choose your best performing post and amp it up by posting it as a sponsored post for less cost and high visibility.

2. Email your contacts

Before you can say, "I block my promotional mails", here us out. While a majority of people do prefer having promotions out of their inboxes, there is a set of loyal and friendly customers who love hearing about your updates via email. So, if you catch them on a boring Monday, there is a good chance your email would be well-received based on how good the content is. Besides, it is always a good idea to spread out your messaging instead of just focussing on one platform on the internet since not all people may be present on social media. Cost wise - there are multiple emailer tools that allow you to create free accounts up to a certain limit. ou could always test them out first with a smaller, focussed group and work your way up to a paid membership when your email list increases as well.

3. Send out Press Releases

Many cities have local press clubs that take a nominal fee for publishing your ad in few selected local newspapers. This is especially useful if your target demographic is one that reads newspapers, or subscribes to an e-version of the newspaper. Many businesses and readers still find the 'Classifieds' section of the newspaper as a reliable resource. This works out well, since most clubs charge a group price for 10-20 newspapers at a time, so you can repeatedly put out your ads consistently over a period of time for very little money.

4. Attend Industry - related events and conclaves

Startups are booming all around the world and it is easier to find people in the same industry as you by the click of a button. Be on the lookout on LinkedIn or other platforms for conferences or conclaves related to your industry. If you have more money that you can invest, try booking a stall for your company and carry your company related flyers so you can hand them out. If you can't do that, you can simply choose to go into the conference by paying the regular participant fee, and use your time and money's worth to network. All you need are your business cards to personally advertise your company and product. In most cases, you will end up finding new and reliable contacts who may be able to help you out further.

5. Sponsoring local charity events

We cannot stress this enough : people always go by a company's image when making a purchasing decision. In order for you to create and maintain goodwill in the community you wish to do business in, chip in for the local charity event - sponsor for some of the costs they incur and request if they can put in a good word to the people attending or if you can have your logo up on their promotional material - you would be spending less money while not just contributing to your community, but getting free advertising in return.

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