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Five Foolproof Reasons Why Hyperlocal Advertising Works

Whether you're an established business owner or just starting out, at some point during your entrepreneurial journey, you would find yourself wanting to attract more leads, customers or generate more sales. The natural way to go about this exercise is to advertise yourself. There's no one right way to advertise - especially in a creative space like advertising, where an ad campaign done right can get you amazing results, often yielding exponential returns for the investment put in. In this scenario, we'd like to introduce you to the concept of hyperlocal advertising - a time tested technique that promises results. Here's an insight into why it works so effectively:

1. Your customers get to know your brand from close quarters

Ask yourself as a customer - would you be more drawn to a generic advertisement that speaks to a nation, or an entire group of people at large, or something that caters to you and your needs specifically? There are numerous studies that show when someone is represented in an advertisement, the chances of them purchasing the product/service increases exponentially. Similarly, when you make an ad that caters to people of certain ethnicities, cultures or even neighbourhoods, it works as a catalyst for you to generate the kind of engagement you want from your customers - you get more footfall in your stores, you have more people signing up for your newsletters, and people are more invested in your brand as a whole, as opposed to merely providing half-hearted attention.

2. Creating a Messaging is easier

Social media isn't a kind place, especially if you're a company where people don't perceive you as a "real person" susceptible to "real feelings". And so, it is super easy for people to pick on companies that put out messaging that doesn't align with their beliefs. While this can be a great learning curve if the said messaging is truly problematic, in some cases, it is just bashful trolling. When your team sits down to make messaging for a focus group, you know exactly what your focus group's likes and dislikes are, and what attracts them. This helps your advertising team come up with even more effective messaging that promises better results.

3. Increase in Customer Loyalty

When you crack the customer loyalty game - it can feel like striking gold, because it truly takes a lot of factors for a first time customer to keep coming back for more, but just one small thing gone wrong for them to never coming back to your store. With hyperlocal advertising, you can not only attract new customers who happen to be around your neighbourhood, but consistently send out messaging about all the new happenings, launches, sales and offers going on at your store. You can even personalise the contests based on what your focus group is - offer students discounts/mothers day offers or senior citizens offers when people come into your store - not only does this engage your existing customers - it makes them look forward to your next contest, ultimately increasing brand loyalty.

4. Increase in Customer Engagement

Advertising is often looked at through numbers, and rightly so. I can only measure my brand's success based on how many people walk into my store, how many engagements I have online, and how much money I'm making, as a result of this. The key, however, is to look at all the right numbers - focus on engagements instead of outreach - it's the most basic trick to know if a business is doing well. Visit a social media page of a business you like - instead of the number of likes the page has (which unfortunately, can be bought for dirt cheap, these days), look at the the number of comments and shares each post has. This should give you an idea of how well the business is actually doing. Higher engagement rates simply mean you'll stay in business for longer, thanks to those loyal customers you've worked hard to earn. Hyperlocal advertising is a simple and highly effective tool to achieve just that - longevity and customer engagement.

5. Low Cost, High Return

As a business owner, this point would probably be your most favourite - you get to save, and save big! With efficient hyperlocal advertisements, you can advertise your business effectively at any budget - this is because of highly customisable messaging, frequency and display costs. With just one campaign displayed frequently, you can receive the same results as a huge ad campaign - like we explained in the previous point - engagement over visibility. If a 100 people have seen your advertisement and not even 20 of them showed up at your store - that's a case of high visibility and low engagements - ideally, you'd want a more even ratio. Hyperlocal advertising is dynamic, fast and unique - so even if a messaging is not working for you, it can be changed within a matter of seconds.

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