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Top 5 tips to get you started on Hyperlocal Advertising

With our worlds getting even more connected, our businesses and establishments have the opportunity to cater to someone who is typically not in the same neighbourhood or vicinity as them - via social media and other channels on the internet. So, how do you ensure your brand stands out to a crowd, thereby driving sales? The new kid on the block is hyperlocal advertising - a technology that does not intrude into any private space of your potential customer like their phones or emails, but rather, approaches them in public spaces like convenience stores, cafes etc. This works because people get bored, and they get bored quickly. Getting their attention for even 10 seconds is a win because they're more likely to notice your ad and respond to it. So, how do you get started in your own small ways to engage your customers on all of your channels? Here are few tips for you:

Use Location Based Keywords

Using location based keywords on your website and all social media channels ensures you are more discoverable to people you didn't know existed, but are more than happy to do business with you. It's the simplest trick in the book. Imagine you were visiting a new city and searched on Google about the "Best Restaurants in town" or "Best salons in town" - you would only visit the establishments that are mentioned, preferably on the first page with good reviews. This step is practically free of cost, but yields amazing results.

Take Your Reviews Seriously

Extending from the previous point - make sure your online presence is flawless when it comes to reviews. We don't suggest you delete the negative feedback you receive, but make sure you respond to all the customers who review your business online on any channel including and especially on Google. Just like you as a tourist in a new city would rely on reviews to make a choice of whether or not to visit the place, there are thousands of potential customers looking at your online presence whether or not you realise it. So, make sure you get your happy customers to give you reviews online - you could even throw in a free something for doing so.

Reward Your Customers

People love free stuff. Leverage it and use it as an advertising technique. You could get your customers to 'check in' online to your location on any social media pages and tag your account or you could get them to leave a review on your website in exchange for a free cookie or drink. This works extremely well in terms of increasing your engagement and visibility online. With people noticing that you have an offer going on, trust us, there would be more takers for what you have to offer.

Don't Skimp on Quality

Make sure all your ads are fun, uplifting and have a clear action at the end. Often, advertising gurus state that you don't sell a product, but you sell what the product means, what it embodies and how it makes you feel. Go back to your favourite advertisements and check how they made you feel - all the iconic ones sell a 'feeling' and not necessarily the product itself. Starbucks advertising was focussed on a group of friends and the feeling of community while Coca Cola was advertised as a beverage to share and make friends with people. If you're worried about budgets start with whatever you can, but make sure you get the best people for the job - the investment will come back to you multifold.

Switch Up Your Content Often

Customers love variety - if yours is a visually driven brand, make sure you pick modes of advertising that support pictures over content - like Instagram. But, to attract new customers, switching up your content from videos to pictures to blog posts or informative articles is essential. This is because different people enjoy consuming different kinds of content, and you'd be catering to a wider range of customers by doing so.

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