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5 ways you can improve your social media presence for free!

You've read many times on this blog that to improve your advertising game, you need to amp up your social media presence. But how do you go about doing that? There are different platforms offering attractive discounts and packages so you can invest in paid advertising and gather more eyeballs. But, before you can venture into the great big world of paid advertising, we would like you to consider all the ways you can get the same results, practically for free! All you would need to invest is your time and effort. Before we get started, a pre-requiite to winning on the internet is to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. If you've set up a business, it is obvious that you are familiar with few tricks and methods that only you know. Use this to your advantage and start advertising for free!

Make Edutaining YouTube Videos

You would be surprised to know how many people make money off of YouTube just by posting about something they are passionate about. The kind of videos are plenty, and the trends change often. The single greatest thing about YouTube is that you don't need big bucks for production. Few famous content creators on YouTube have gotten as famous as traditional celebrities just by posting videos recorded on their phone camera. At the end, that's all you'll need - a phone camera and an internet connection. Start posting informative and interesting content about things regarding your field. The platform has less competition since there is scope for viewers to watch similar content from different creators.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms Wisely

There are different kinds of content that work for different social media platforms. For example, videos for YouTube and Facebook, Stories for Instagram and blog posts for LinkedIn. Understand the demographic that these platforms contain. For example, Snapchat mostly has teenage audiences. So, if that's your target demographic, make sure you advertise on Snapchat. Likewise, if your audience is slightly on the other side, with working professionals, use LinkedIn to your advantage. Facebook optimizes video content over everything else, so post short videos so your content can be visible to more audiences. If the video is shorter than a minute, you can post the same on Instagram.

Create Your Own Podcast

It's the age of learning - and people love having something to listen to while taking that long commute to college or office. Which is why, podcasts are a big hit now. We love listening to various podcasts while doing mundane tasks or chores at home. The variety of podcasts available, at present, just like YouTube videos, span various genres and topics. If you think you have something of value that people can learn from, or simply listen to when they're bored, you can create your own podcast. With listeners growing by the minute, many brands are even looking to advertise on the podcast. You could do the same for your company - make a 30 second promotion in a 30 minute podcast. Since it would be relevant to your listeners, the conversion rate would be higher.

Build Your Personal Brand

Create a blog where you can give your expert opinion on various trends in the market. Update your LinkedIn profile to suit your professional interests and start engaging with people from your industry. Build your connections and reach out to people in your industry who you think you can learn from. Start answering questions on knowledge sharing platforms like Quora - where people post their queries. Make your opinion heard as an industry expert and establish your credibility. Customers are more likely to do business with a company they can relate to, so become the face of your company and use your credibility to leverage business growth.

Spread your website everywhere

An offshoot of using your credibility - use your company's website wherever possible. It could be as simple as placing it on your WhatsApp status message, on your business cards and even use it as your email signature. The idea is to leave no stone unturned to make sure the people you associate with know your company as well. This builds an active and genuine curiosity among the people you have just met, and they are more likely to do business with someone who they personally know.

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